• Unused Drug Disposal

    The Peotone Police department has started a prescription medication collection program. The program has collected several hundred pounds of medications that could otherwise pollute our environment or be within easy reach of our children and teens.

    Peotone Police is a site for unused medications. Medications need to be removed from any Rx bottles and placed in a plastic or paper bags. No Needles or sharpees. The department will take the medication on Monday –Friday from 9-3pm. Any questions contact the police department at 708-258-9236.

  • Electronics Recycling

    There will be an Electronics Recycling Drop Off located at 208 E. Main Street in Peotone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The hours will be 5:00pm-7:00pm. Examples include central processing units, monitors, televisions, computer peripherals, keyboards, fax machines, printers, small home appliances (vacuum cleaners, toasters, etc.) radios, stereos, VCRs, answering machines, telephones and cameras. You must be a Will County Resident and will be asked to show ID and there is a 2 TV limit per vehicle. For more information please visit willcountygreen.com
  • Leaf Collection Starting October 10th

    Each Fall the Department of Streets and Alleys collects leaves from residential parkways. The program guidelines are: 1. The program will run from mid-October through the end of November (weather permitting. 2. The pick-up schedule is subject to weather and emergencies. Weather conditions may cause delays or permanent closure of the program for the season. 3. FOR SAFETY SAKE: Please-only leaves and mulch-no branches, rocks, litter or other materials. These items can injure personnel and damage equipment. The Village cannot collect leaves mixed with these items. 4. Leaves should be in the parkway close to the curb by 6:00am Monday. The entire Village will be collected each week. Some properties may not be collected until the end of the week. 5. To save fuel and operating costs, we cannot conduct return trips. Leaves placed in the parkway after the crew has passed your home will not be picked up until the following week. 6. Please place leaves in the parkway and away from storm drains. 7. We must be able to reach the leaves. Leaves must be accessible to the vacuum tube, not behind mailboxes, utility poles, parked cars, etc. 8. Please do not place leaves in the streets-they will clog storm sewers and increase the potential for street flooding.
  • Final Branch Pick Up

    There will be a special town wide branch pick up the week of November 28th. Please have your branches out by 6:00am on Monday the 28th. They must be 6' or less in length and placed in the easement parallel to the street in stacks of 4' or less. This will be the final branch pick up of the year.
  • Christmas In The Village
  • Annual Holiday Food Collection


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vofp windmillPeotone, Illinois, is a small, rural community conveniently nestled in Will County just south of Chicago, Peotone is located between Interstate 57 and Illinois Rte 50. We are a community filled with history, culture and expectation as we move forward as a community. Many of our 4,142 residents enjoy the tranquility of a country life-style. The village streets are wide, curbed, and shaded with old trees of all varieties. Homes range from many gorgeous historic turn-of-the-century homes to beautiful new contemporary dwellings. Scholastic, athletic, and cultural programs provide growth opportunities for our children.

Peotone welcomes growth in business and general economic development. Our work force is well educated with a strong work ethic. With our village bordered on two sides by the I-57 interchange and a four lane state highway, movement of raw materials and product is fuel and time efficient.

Just twenty minutes to a Metra station for your train ride to Downtown Chicago. Shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural venues are just a short drive away. Please explore our site and see as a great place to live, work, and play.

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