• Village Stickers & Dog Tags

    VILLAGE STICKERS & DOG TAGS: The current two year Vehicle Stickers for the Village of Peotone (2020-2021) went on sale effective January 2nd and are due by March 31st. There are required for Cars, Trucks, RV’s, NEV’s (golf carts) and Motorcycles. Each sticker is $50 with the exception of Commercial and Non Commercial Trucks with the hauling capacity of 8,000lbs or more which are $70. There are discounts available for Seniors aged 62 or older at time of purchase, their sticker would be $30. There is no charge for a sticker for College Students that go to a school out of the area with a copy of their schedule provided, Disabled Veterans, Handicapped individuals that provide their placard and also for Antique vehicles that are registered with the State as an Antique vehicle and display antique vehicle license plates. The current one year Dog Tags for the Village of Peotone (2020) went on sale effective January 2nd and are due by February 28th. Each tag is $5.00 and proof of rabies is required at time of purchase.
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  • Electronics Recycling

    There will be an Electronics Recycling Drop Off located at 208 E. Main Street in Peotone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The hours will be 5:00pm-7:00pm. Examples include central processing units, monitors, televisions, computer peripherals, keyboards, fax machines, printers, small home appliances (vacuum cleaners, toasters, etc.) radios, stereos, VCRs, answering machines, telephones and cameras. You must be a Will County Resident and will be asked to show ID and there is a 2 TV limit per vehicle. For more information please visit willcountygreen.com
  • Unused Drug Disposal

    The Peotone Police department has started a prescription medication collection program. The program has collected several hundred pounds of medications that could otherwise pollute our environment or be within easy reach of our children and teens.

    Peotone Police is a site for unused medications. Medications need to be removed from any Rx bottles and placed in a plastic or paper bags. No Needles or sharpees. The department will take the medication on Monday –Friday from 9-3pm. Any questions contact the police department at 708-258-9236.


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